Honorariums & Memorials

Pay Tribute to Show How a Beloved Person or Animal Lives On in Your Heart


An honor gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special person or animal. A memorial gift is a beautiful testimony to the life of a beloved person or pet that has passed on.

Honorariums and Memorials

Donations in Memory of Peggy Hintze 

Peggy loved family and spent most of her life caring for those she loved including her grandmothers, parents, in-laws, nieces, nephews and later helping with her grandchildren.  She was quiet and was often underestimated, but was not afraid to stand her ground and tell you what she thought, even if it wasn’t easy.  She was always there to listen, with a smile, a hug, a laugh and a helping hand.

She was a long time supporter of Stable Hands and a wonderful friend.

We so appreciate a donation from Ruth and Charles Johnson in her honor.


Richard Hintze photo

Richard was a long time believer in Stable Hands. He enjoyed visiting and attending our annual Hoofbeats Fundraiser and Fair.  His grandson Sam is a long time student and has definitely improved through his participation.

The Hintze family are our dear friends.

Diane Abitz/Executive Director

Donations in Memory of Richard Hintze

Diane Abitz, Jim & Diane Albers, Katherine Ali, Charles & Phyllis Beck, Barbara Bird, Paul & Sara Block, Tom Botwinski, Dave & Dory Branson, Rose Britz, Chris & Heidi Brown & family, Courtney Costa, Roger & Lucy Dobbe, Steve & Laura Erdmann, Gary Ertl, Fantastic Sam’s in Weston, Mark & Bonnie Gauerke, Kathy Gess, Randy & Perry Goulet, John & Candace Hanz, Jason & Kimie Hedrington, Herbert & Rose Hintze, Ralph & Shirley Hintze, Richard Hintze Family, Tim & Linda Hintze,  Anita Hirt, Dave & Theresa Holzem, Eugene & Josephine Hunt, L Joe Jazdzewsky, Vicky Jones, John & Janet Juonie, Keith & Marlene Kappel, Vivian & Tammy Klinner, Debra Koehler, Steve & Linda Konkel, Cliff & Judy Konkol, Dawn Krueger, Ron & Sue Kurth, Sue Kwarciany, John & Jenny Lee, Sam & Linda Lockhart, LeRoy & Gail Matzdorf, Thomas & Susan Mellinger, Jerry & Darlene Mueller, Karen Mueller, Mike & Angie Mueller, Mary Munson, Denny & Renee Peterson, Vicky Rhyner, RMG Install (S. Heinritz), Chuck & Deb Richards & Family, Larry & Ann Roth, Philip & Bonnie Roth, Jim & Laurie Rutkowski, Rosemary Salzman, Tony Salzman & Family, Tom Salzman, Dora Schield, John Schlaefer, Erroll & Barb Schmelling, Tom & Mary Schmidt, Sherry Scantlin, Charley & Lois Schultz, Sandy Schulz, Nana Sessions, Fran & Cindy Siemon, UW Health, Chris & Holly Voll, Bill & Sue Welch, Becky & Tricia Wynne, Jim & Mary Zastrow, Donn & Pat Zemk




Women Concerned for Auto Racing (WCAR) in memory of Larry Detjens and Dave Trickle
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Joette Majerus
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Cindy and Jim Way
Donation in memory of Virginia Cooper by Joseph and Jeri Kavanagh
Donation in memory of Bob Ippel and Norma Covert
Donation in memory of Adeline Jacobi for specialized program equipment
Donation in memory of Dad from Faith Gokey, Peggy Romanowksi, Laurie Smith & Patti Krueger
Donation in memory of Chris Beck by Dean Beck

Sandy Kalinke Radtke

Donation in memory of Sandy Kalinke Radtke (daughter of George & Laverne Kalinke), husband Keith Radtke





Pets, Horses and Other Honorariums and Memorials

In memory of Sassy, one of the very first therapy horses of Stable Hands who served the

program for 10 years, by Diane Abitz  Sass & I





For information please contact Diane Abitz, Executive Director at 715-359-6046 or dabitz@stablehandstherapy.com

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