How can I enroll (or enroll my child) in the program?
The starting point is to call Diane Abitz at (715) 359-6046 or complete the contact form to get more information and provide the details necessary. An intake process is followed and application forms (which include a brief health history and physician’s approval) are required to be filled out. A date will be set up for a pre-class evaluation  for riding therapy.  Learn more about enrollment.

Is there a weight limit for riding?
For the health of our horses and the safety of our riders and side walkers, we do not accommodate riders in excess of 200 lbs. at this time.  When we begin our program for the veterans we will be adding horses to accommodate the needs of the veterans.  At this time we do not have the larger, draft style horses necessary to carry that weight under conditions where the rider is often unbalanced and challenged. This is in accordance with guidelines of PATH Intl., our parent organization.

Can I donate my horse to Stable Hands, Inc. Equine Therapy Center?
We have been working with Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation to obtain program horses. Other programs may be interested, you can find more information at donatemyhorse.com  They work with our parent organization,PATHIntl.org,  for finding possible matches.

I would like to volunteer. How can I learn more?
We do have various volunteer opportunities available. Learn more about volunteering.