You Can Sponsor a Horse or Mini Donkey

You Can Sponsor a Horse or Mini Donkey

Can you help? You can contribute for the daily care and feeding of any of the animals pictured: Bella, Whisper, Rebel, Noel, Leon and Sierra. Go to the “Donate” drop-down menu (under the header) and click on “Direct Donation.” All dollar amounts are appreciated and you will be acknowledged. Donations of $200 or more give you a visit to the farm and a photo taken with your recipient horse or donkey. How about your club or organization giving as a group?

Donors will receive updates on their chosen animal and follow their progress as therapy equines. There are always stories to tell of how they touch peoples’ lives.

We wish to sincerely thank the following for their adoption sponsorships from Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation:

Zion Lutheran Church- Bella and Whisper
Pam Engelmeier- Noel and Leon