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Chip 4Volunteer Spotlight

Chip started volunteering wit Stable Hands late in the Summer of 2016, and he has put smiles on the faces of the students as well as the volunteers ever since.  He volunteers routinely and steps in to help with last minute openings, whenever his schedule permits.  He as been a great addition to our team of sidewalkers.  Thank you Chip for all that you do for Stable Hands!




Stable Hands  2017 Classes


We are accepting new students and the first step is to fill out the registration forms and get them back to us.  We will contact you to set up a skills assessment where we can learn student needs and give you a tour.  You can download the registration packet here:   Student Reg Packet 2017.  For info call:  Diane Abitz,  Executive Director, 715-359-6046.



Hunter Kelch, Blogger, Visits Stable Hands

Hunter Kelch is a owner of the website www.comerollwithme.com. He is passionate about promoting accessibility and awareness of the issues disabled people face in an abled world. Recently we were honored to have Hunter and his mom Sandy visit the program.  Pictured: Diane Abitz, Executive Director of Stable Hands and Hunter.

Please click on this link to read about Hunter and Sandy’s visit:     Stable Hands Equine Therapy Center

    Brianna’s Story The Road Back from a Devastating Car Accident Brianna Brianna, now 22 years old, was involved in a tragic automobile accident in October 0f 2012 which left her in a coma for three months.  Her long road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury began in the ICU at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.  She has been surrounded by the most skilled doctors and therapists throughout her recovery process. This past July of 2014, she began equine therapy at Stable Hands.  Horse therapy “exploded” her progress and propelled her to new levels of recovery.  The remarkable difference from when she began equine therapy to present is awe inspiring.  Brianna has always had a love for horses.  Starting at a young age and working all day to ride at a local stable, then getting a horse of her own, to barrel racing through the 4-H program, horses are her passion. We are so fortunate to have a professional staff and team of dedicated volunteers at Stable Hands in our community.  They have the ability to see past disability and promote the possibilities for the participants.  The relentless kindness and encouragement are beyond the imagination.  Stable Hands Equine Therapy Center has been a pivotal part of Brianna’s recovery success.  While she still has a journey ahead of her, there is no doubt that she will make it. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all those involved with Stable Hands. “Thank you” cannot express the level of our appreciation we have for your program! Brianna, Jody and James J McLaughlin

 Our Mission

Stable Hands’ mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities

through the use of equine-assisted activities and therapies.

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