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Cathy Yunk Earns $2500 Grant for Stable Hands








A big shout out to Cathy Yunk! Because of her volunteering at Stable Hands for between 100 and 249 hours, she qualified for a $2500 Grant to Stable Hands from Liberty Mutual! We are so grateful, Wow!


                             Classes and Activities Set to Begin Mid July 2020                                 

In accordance with Gov. Tony Evers mandate of cancelling classes at area schools temporarily for public health concerns, Stable Hands Equine Therapy Center had cancelled all classes and activities. We plan to reopen mid July with new safety standards and procedures in accordance with COVID policies.  Adjustments may be made according to conditions as they evolve. We look forward to seeing our students, volunteers and family members (limited) again!


Stable Hands  Classes 2020 

We are accepting new students and the first step is to fill out the registration forms and get them back to us.  We will contact you to set up a skills assessment where we can learn student needs and give you a tour as we plan for sessions.  You can download the registration packet here: Student Registration Packet 2020   For a copy of our brochure click here: Changing Lives Brochure

For info call:  Diane Abitz,  Executive Director,  715-359-6046.



Stable Hands’ program for Veterans is called V.A.S.T. (Veterans Assisted Sports Training). Therapeutic horses are partnered with Veterans for them to gain self-understanding and emotional growth. V.A.S.T. recognizes the bond between animals and humans, and sees the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed and nurtured.

The Stable Hands HarryV.A.S.T. Program offers horse-based activities to enhance the recovery from physical, emotional, social and cognitive struggles that veterans may face in civilian life. We offer different levels of instruction to guide Veterans through the program.  For more information, contact Diane Abitz, Executive Director, at 715-359-6046 or dabitz@stablehandstherapy.com  To see a copy of our  brochure, click here: V.A.S.T. info


 Our Mission

Stable Hands’ mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical, emotional

and cognitive disabilities

through the use of equine-assisted activities and therapies.