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What’s New at Stable Hands

Snickers and cat

Little “Snickers” the mini horse had his first farrier visit at the farm last week. He didn’t even mind having Jaime’s cat sitting on his back! More pictures coming soon.


funny horseWant to be a member of Stable Hands’ Special Forces- the “Hay Team”?  Seriously- when hay comes in we need help unloading the wagons.  If you can be on the call list where we can give a quick call and see if you’re able to pitch in for an hour or so please send an email to Leanne, Volunteer Coordinator at leanne24g@hotmail.com or call 715-581-7933. Wausau, Wisconsin area. We would really appreciate it!

left-angle-7-18-14First Phase Nearing Completion!
The first phase of our building project, the indoor riding arena, is nearly complete. The lighting will go in next week. We so need this building for shelter from the weather and to be able to provide consistent classes. We are taking referrals for equine therapy and activites. Who do you know that could benefit? We work with children age 4 through adult. Call Diane for information at 715-359-6046.

wayne-and-bethFocus on Volunteers:   Beth & Wayne Cooper

Beth and Wayne Cooper have been wonderful friends and volunteers for Stable Hands. They participate in our classes as sidewalkers and also have donated some great items for the Activity Center. Their kindness and thoughtfulness has meant so much to us.

Wayne also does the groundskeeping and tree-trimming. Beth is always cheerful and helpful with our students. We are so glad to have them as members of the Stable Hands family!


Anna Closeup

Classes Are Ongoing

We have 4 classes a week now on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00 and 7:00 pm. With 4 new instructors working hard to finish their certification, we look forward to offering an expanded schedule.

This photo shows Anna having a great time riding and learning new skills. The slow, rocking movement of the horse stimulates nerves and muscles. Riding helps with balance and coordination. Riders play varied games on horseback designed to give them the specific movement and challenge that they need. And it’s a lot of fun for the rider as well as our volunteers!


Boarding at Stable Hands by Amanda Klos

 horses and end of summer Amanda Klos editedStable Hands is an excellent place to board a horse. Jess, the barn manager, goes above and beyond to ensure that the horses are all cared for properly. She works closely with a nutritionist to customize each horse’s diet accordingly. I own two quarter horses, a 17 year old mare named Cheyenne and 4 year old gelding named Peso. Both of them are looking excellent and are happy to be at their new home. I only live in Wausau full time 2 months out of the year and the rest of the year I am at school down in Madison. Leaving for a few weeks at a time is no longer an issue for me because I know that the horses are in good hands. If there is ever a question or concern, Jess will text me right away to keep me updated. When I go out to the barn, the only thing I have to worry about is having fun with my horses. They are fed twice a day on a set schedule and always have some hay to munch on. Jess also fly sprays the horses daily and allows each horse time to run around in the larger pasture. The barn is always spick and span and well taken care of. Each horse has their own barrel for their feed and all of the barrels are labeled to ensure each horse is getting the proper feed. Jess is willing to work with you and will discuss any feed adjustments that need to be made. The riding arena is also quite pleasant. The fencing is made of PVC piping and the base is sand with grass on top of it. There is no dust when you are riding and the footing is decent. I am happy with how my boarding experience has gone so far and look forward to seeing Stable Hands grow in the future. It is truly a great organization. The Stable Hands volunteers and barn staff are a great group of people to work with and are enthusiastic about the program they are running. I am happy with my decision to board my horses with Stable Hands.

Our Mission

Stable Hands’ mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with special needs through the use of equine-assisted activities and therapies.